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that it is scientifically proven planting trees can reduce poverty and slow climate change.

We believe that tackling poverty and protecting the environment are inseparable.


Climate change is driving the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa following consecutive failed rain seasons coupled with high food prices. The unpredictable rain, the heatwaves and the cyclones that are the consequence of our warming planet devastate the crops and incomes of those who cannot afford any such thing to happen.


We work with our schools communities in the drylands of East Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, improving people's incomes, and restoring and protecting land.


Our GOAL is to plant a 1000 trees in the next few months.


Hayaan encourages everyone to play their part in our regreening project. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Donate today to lend your support.

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